Clipping the Toe Nails

The blood supply (Kwik) in a short nail

Note how the blood supply gets longer as the nail grows.  The inner cut would result in cutting the kwik causing bleeding.

If you clip or file a little off a long nail every few days, the blood supply will continue to recede.

As the nail gets shorter so does the blood supply

Only when the nail is kept short can it be trimmed without bleeding.  If the same cut had been made on the long nail in diagram 2, it would have caused bleeding.

A properly trimmed nail

There are a lot of manufactured products you can purchase to keep on hand just in case you make a mistake and accidentally cut a nail too short and cause bleeding.  Be prepared BEFORE you start learning how to clip your dogs nails, buying it after your first accident doesn’t make too much sense now does it?? Don’t get overly upset with yourself if and when you cut one too short.. and it will occasionally happen  even to the best of us.  However, if you find yourself in an emergency situation where you have a bleeding nail,(and it will bleed!!!) Immediately put pressure on the nail then dip the nail in dry cooking flour and put pressure on the nail for several minutes.  The flour will help stop the bleeding.  Also, pay close attention how you are holding the clippers.  Make sure the inner blade is facing outward.  Even a small misjudgment the width of the blade may be too close, so you might want to take several passes at the nail to get the hang of it.  Soon you’ll be cutting nails like a pro!!!  Good Luck!!