Our Litters

Updated 10/17/2019  If there is no PENDING or SOLD the puppy is available.

 Classic is a full black mask, white on chest, chin, white tipped feet
Flashy is white socks, chest, maybe collar, maybe white on face, chin.

Bailey had her litter, these pups are available
2. Male Flashy Light Brindle
3. Male Flashy Brindle

Ebony & AKC Marvel’s litter.
1. Female Flashy Sealed
2. Female Flashy Sealed.
3. Male Cowdog Sealed & white.
5. Male All White


AKC Stormi bred with AKC Marvel, they expect fawns & Brindles from Classic to Flashy around Dec5th, ready to go home around Jan 31st. 


 We do a lot for our dogs, Our adult dogs get wormed every three months, updated on their shots. Mom dogs, get extra worming and vitamins from the time they come in heat to the time they wean their pups, because we understand taking care of mom means healthy puppies, and to ensure the pups get less to none of those nasty worms, that are certain in every puppy, dog or cat. all puppies have their tails docked and declaws removed at 3 -5 days old,  then the pups gets their regiment of worming before they go home, we also give an extra Parvo shot at 4 weeks, as it is so prevalent out there,  a 5 way with distemper which has Parvo in it, at 6 weeks,  before they go home at 8 weeks. You will get a record of all this to take to your vet. All adult dogs are on NuVet, this is a vitamin with antioxidants to ensure the puppies are at there best before they go home, which the puppies are fed the Nuvet as well as a probiotic. All our dogs are loved and have large pens, all puppy pens, have not only a shed with air conditioning  for the hot days, but also a heat lamp for the cold days, they also have Trex deck, to keep the puppies clean, and healthier. We also give you a puppy pack to get you started, with food, lots of info , toy, other goodies and a blanket with Mommies smell, so they go home with some comfort.  Once you put a deposit on your puppy rather it be the day the puppy is born or latter,  several times we send you an update with pics of your puppy so you can see her, or him grow, as they make huge changes by the time they go home. If you have a name for your puppy, I like to get it as early as possible, past buyers have liked this because by the time you pick your puppy up, they are already responding to their name. This always creates a strong connection with your puppy. We spray threw out the year to keep the fleas and fly’s at bay, as everything can effect the dogs, as well as puppies. We also give a one year health ,that can go to 2 years if you keep your puppy on  their puppy food Nutri Source ( chicken,& rice) & NuVet, which will help your puppy stay healthy..  If you want AKC papers for the puppies from AKC Parents, then purchase price will be more. We have had nothing but owners tell us how awesome their puppy is in, looks, smart, temperament and loving. That is why we take pride in our dogs, and have always bred and kept females ,to share the same results in our puppies even now.

Our Dogs from AKC parents range from 2100.- 2300. Then are Purebred litters range from 1900.-2100.  Are purebred litters are from one AKC parent and a mom that is purebred but not registered with AKC, We could paper them with another kennel other then AKC, but then we would have to raise their price. So we have decided not to for that reason, giving people flexibility.
Although our puppies are high to some, 99% have been known, not to have any health issues at all until old age sets in. We have heard from so many that have come to us, who bought a puppy elsewhere that had health issues that caused them to spend thousands in the first few years. That makes us proud. And testifies to all that we do for the adult dogs and puppies, so that they go home as healthy as can be. 

Although we just love playing with the puppies, I have to say the most exciting time is when they go home to you, knowing that now, you will experience the love of owning a Boxer. They are just AWESOME! Sublime Boxers is located in beautiful Riverside County in Murrieta California. We have been boxer breeders , breeding beautiful Boxer puppies for over 26 years.