Our Moms


Although, some of the dogs are co-owned, we love them all as if they were our very own. Just like a mother with her children, you can’t love one more over the other. They all have their distinct personality that is so endearing to the Boxer breed. They are rated in the top seven as one of the best family dogs, and once you become an owner of a Boxer , you too will see how soon they become a loving member of the family. Sublime Boxers is located in beautiful Riverside County in Murrieta California. We have been boxer breeders , breeding beautiful  Boxer puppies for over 24 years. Health guaranteed.


Dottie was named because when she was born, she had a big dot on her head, which as she got older just blended in, but she is still our Dottie, one of our smaller girls, but still a sweet sweet girl. 

Dottie bred with Maximus, they have had some beautiful pups together, so lets hope for some more! We shall see in Sept?



AKC Bailey looks just like her dad Maximus, just in female form! just as sweet!

Bailey bred with Greyden, her pups are listed on the litter page!


Gracie is the Typical Boxer. full of love, antics, play, loyal, and a good mom to boot. 

All her pups found great homes.


Ebony is a sweet girl, just wants to please. The typical boxer.

Ebony bred with AKC Marvel, their litter is on the litter page.


AKC Stormi is a sweet girl, she loves, playing, saying hi to all her doggie friends and humans, and eating!!! 


Stormi bred with Marvel, this will be her first litter! lets see how she does!