Meet The Minis

We are so excited to introduce

Our Mini Boxers

and offer everything you love about Boxers in a smaller package!

Cohiba, our first Mini Stud when he first joined our family.

All dogs that are known to us today are descendants of the wolf and have evolved over years and years of man creating new breeds with selective breeding. ​They all started by mixing certain breeds to produce offspring with genetics in favor of specific tasks, like herding, hunting, etc. Once the new breed was widely populated and grew in popularity enough to be recognized as a new breed that we know today to be purebred.

Here at Le Petite Boxers we’ve done exactly that through selective breeding of our smallest stand boxer females with our two mixed gene mini boxer studs to create offspring with all the traits we know and love so much about boxer, but in a smaller package. 

Boxers have widely grown in popularity over the years due to their sweet nature, silly personalities and proving to be a great addition to families everywhere.

We have happily had and bred boxers for over 30 years and have enjoyed seeing all the loving homes that have been blessed with one of our fur babies.

However being a full sized dog can sometimes be a challenge for some and that is what has led us here to our new line of Le Petite Boxers!

Monte one of our Mini Studs
Our first mini stud Cohiba

A Testament to our Minis

“Our Murrie is 8 months old (33 lbs) and she has all of the boxer traits! As you know, she is our 4th boxer, but the first that we’ve had to be a mix. Her #1 trait is that she loves people. So far, she liked other dogs but is just starting to react to other dogs on leash (common teenage behavior for all dogs). She plays well at dog parks and loves to box. She is smart and curious. Lots of energy and loves to run. She is a talker not a barker. She passed her Level 1 and 2 dog training. The trainer suggested that I get her into agility classes once she is full grown. I’ve been looking for a trainer or classes here in Santa Rosa to keep the process going. Eventually, I want her to walk with me off leash. She does not retrieve – she loves keep away and tug of war (typical boxer). I’ll admit that when she does something naughty, we joke that it is the Boston Terrier in her. Yet everyone that we have met with Boston Terriers love the breed for its great personality. I sent you a video of her playing with a puzzle ball. I’m guessing that Murrie might be 40 lbs when she is full grown. Great size, Great personality and beautiful.”

Sublime Boxers is located in  Southern California in beautiful Riverside County. We have been boxer breeders, breeding beautiful Healthy puppies Pet and show quality for over 30 years. Always trying to Elevate our Breeding Standards. We are now Breeding the Mini Boxers, exotic and soon Merles. we give the standard 1 year on their Health that can go to 2-4 years, if you stick with the regiment we give all our puppies for their Health.