A note to all those on the waiting list. We are so sorry the website was temporarily shut down. We were having technical difficulties, So happy its back on. But we were always here to continue breeding for your fur baby. Thankyou for being patient, always look forward to helping you.


WELCOME! We are Sublime Boxers, a family orientated breeder. We love placing our boxers with loving homes. Whether it be your first or your second, you just can’t go wrong with a Boxer. Show quality dog, or family pet, we got them! We do a lot for our dogs. Our adult dogs get wormed every three months and updated on their shots. Momma dogs get extra worming before and during their litters to ensure the pups get less-to-none of those nasty worms that are certain in every puppy dog or cat. Then, pups get their regiment of worming before they go home, as well as their 1st puppy shot.

All adult dogs are on NuVet, which is a vitamin with antioxidants to ensure the puppies are at their best before they go home. We also give you a puppy pack to get you started with your new puppy.
Contents include a bag of food to lessen the stress of a new environment.

All our dogs are loved, have large pens, and run around our 1-acre yard. We spray throughout the year to keep the fleas and flys at bay, as everything can affect the dogs and puppies. We have had nothing but excellent comments from owners, telling us how fantastic their puppy is in looks, smarts, temperament, and loving nature. That is why we take great pride in our dogs. Through selective breeding, we have kept an excellent line of boxers with a lovable temperament that has been consistent throughout the years, including even out most recent litters of puppies. We also give a one-year health guarantee, that you can extend to 2 years if you keep your puppy on NuVet, which is a supplement that helps your puppy with the stress of growing up by building its immune system.

We hope that we can help you with finding your next loved pet.

~Lorrie and family

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