A note to all those on the waiting list. We are so sorry the website was temporarily shut down. We were having technical difficulties, So happy its back on. But we were always here to continue breeding for your fur baby. Thankyou for being patient, always look forward to helping you.


WELCOME! We are Sublime Boxers, a family orientated breeder. We love placing our boxers with loving homes. Whether it be your first or your second, you just can’t go wrong with a Boxer. Show quality dog, or family pet, we got them! We do a lot for our dogs. Our adult dogs get wormed every three months and updated on their shots. Momma dogs get extra worming before and during their litters to ensure the pups get less-to-none of those nasty worms that are certain in every puppy dog or cat. Then, pups get their regiment of worming before they go home, as well as their 1st puppy shot.

All adult dogs are on NuVet, which is a vitamin with antioxidants to ensure the puppies are at their best before they go home. We also give you a puppy pack to get you started with your new puppy.
Contents include a bag of food to lessen the stress of a new environment.

All our dogs are loved, have large pens, and run around our 1-acre yard. We spray throughout the year to keep the fleas and flys at bay, as everything can affect the dogs and puppies. We have had nothing but excellent comments from owners, telling us how fantastic their puppy is in looks, smarts, temperament, and loving nature. That is why we take great pride in our dogs. Through selective breeding, we have kept an excellent line of boxers with a lovable temperament that has been consistent throughout the years, including even out most recent litters of puppies. We also give a one-year health guarantee, that you can extend to 2 years if you keep your puppy on NuVet, which is a supplement that helps your puppy with the stress of growing up by building its immune system.

We hope that we can help you with finding your next loved pet.

~Lorrie and family

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  1. Tony
    Apr 18, 2011


    We are interested in getting a second boxer to add to our family. We have a 1 1/2 year old Fawn named Tzar and we are looking for a Brindle to be his step brother. We would like to know what you are charging for your puppies?

    Love all your pictures, very cute!

    Thank you
    Tony & Liana

    • Lorrie
      Apr 18, 2011

      Tony and Liana, I will answer all your questions via e-mail, I am sure we can find Tzar a step brother.

    • Stacy Westfall
      May 29, 2022

      We got our boxer 2 1/2 years ago January 2020…he is the most gorgeous red deer fawn (I wish I could post a pic here!) His name is Jack Daniels, because of his coloring! He brings us JOY every day. He has the most unique personality. If you are looking for a pet for your family, Lorrie is very helpful, I had so many questions before the puppies were born, once they were here and I chose Jack and even after we’d brought him home. She’s likes Jacks Godmother, I still send her pics of him! Thank you Lorrie!

      • Lorrie
        Apr 21, 2023

        Hello Stacy how is Jack Daniels doing?

  2. Crook Family
    Apr 24, 2011

    We bought are boxer from Lorrie in July of 2010. This was our first dog and we just love him so much. Lorrie invited our whole family out to her house (I have 3 boys) and we had so much fun seeing all the puppies! Lorrie is very knowlegable about boxers and was very helpful. Our boxer was housebroken within a month! He is very smart and he does have a lot of energy. Very loveable and just wants to play as much as possible. What I also love about my boxer is that he is protective of my boys. I feel safe having him around the house. Boxers make great family dogs. Thank you Lorrie for bringing such joy to our lives.

    • Lorrie
      Apr 25, 2011

      Casey & Marie & Boys, Thankyou for your comments. This is what I love about breeding the Boxers, I get to bring the kind of Joy that I have gotten from owning a Boxer and raising my children with raising the boxers and sharing what I have come to learn about them. I am so happy to know that Declan your boxer from us, has given your family such joy as well. May this prove to be so in years to come. Thank you again for your kind words.

  3. brianna and lisa
    Oct 16, 2011

    My mother and i are looking for a dark fawn male puppy. we had one that lived to 15 years old and we would like another one we were wondering how much you would charge us for one

  4. Chris
    Mar 18, 2012

    I went and picked out my Boxer.Was very impressed.All are well cared for .You can tell Lorrie enjoys being a breeder.
    I am looking forward to bringing the new addition to the family home.

  5. Cara Sims
    May 6, 2012

    Hello! We are looking for a female reverse brindle to keep our 5 year old male boxer company. Is there a puppy questionaire we can fill out? Are you expecting any litters soon? What are your prices? Thank you!

  6. Hello Lorrie
    Nov 28, 2014

    Hi Lorrie,
    Just looking at the update on your site. We were so thrilled meeting all your dogs and some puppies. We are still mourning our dear boxer but truly look forward to the new addition in a couple of months!
    Thank you for your compassion and time last Monday as you introduced us to your dog family.

  7. Pam
    Dec 20, 2014

    Hi Lorrie,
    What a beautiful family you have! We are relocating to Southern California in June and our family would love to give our 3 1/2 year old fawn Boxer a baby sister. Our preference is a brindle Boxer. When do you plan on having another litter?


    • Lorrie
      Dec 24, 2014

      Hello Pam, Thank you for your kind words. I hope to have some new litters in the sring, just not sure who yet, so keep posted.

      • Pam
        Dec 29, 2014

        Thanks for the follow up Lorrie. Is there a wait list I need to put my name on? As a reminder we are looking for a female brindle boxer.

        • Lorrie
          Jan 7, 2015

          Hello Pam, I am not sure you are still looking, but we do have a possible brindle female breeding next week, let me know if you have any interest and we can go from there.

          • Pam
            Feb 17, 2015

            Hi Lorrie,

            I’m not sure if you received my last reply. Back in January you said you may have a female brindle boxer available soon. While it doesn’t fit our timetable we are hoping to stay in touch when we re-locate to southern CA in June.

            Thank you!

          • Lorrie
            May 19, 2015

            Hello Pam, i have some litters due starting next month, if you are still looking, posted on website. You can also contact me directly at boxerlove56@gmail.com

  8. Hello Lorrie
    Feb 17, 2015

    Hi Lorrie,

    Well, it is going on four weeks with Bianca and Colt and we are really becoming one big happy family everyday! Both of them are gorgeous in their own special ways. They still sleep with their blankets from their puppy Mom and Colt loves to drag his around with him. I never said thank you for the wonderful care package you sent home with them and we have gotten good use from everything! So thank you!

    We all want to also thank Star and Kodee, and Bella and Duke for the most wonderful unique looking puppies for our family. They are so healthy, smart, happy and beautiful!

    I am proud of finding you and your dogs, and the wonderful experience we are having with them since day one photos!
    It was very awesome each step with you and your husband through the process of getting our puppies.

    Natalie and Family

  9. Jackie & James
    Apr 15, 2015

    We cannot recommend Lorrie and Sublime Boxers enough! We took home our little boy in early Feb 2015 any are loving every moment we have with little Bulmer!

    Lorrie really makes you feel connected to your pup from day 1! We loved the constant picture updates and notes on his progress prior to picking him up. Bulmer is the sweetest pup. I couldn’t imagine choosing any other breeder and pup!!

    If you’re looking for a mild tempered yet fun (and not to mention beautiful) Boxer than look no further!!


    Jackie & James

  10. Vanessa
    Oct 18, 2015

    I am interested in a puppy within the next year. Preferably sealed brindle…can I have details on prices and how we can see your pups possibly in person.

  11. Tiffany
    Dec 26, 2015

    Your site is beyond informative our family has fallen in Love with this breed of cuties. So much so we are looking to add a 4 legged son to the family next fall. We will keep your babies in mind with hopes of a possible future love connection.

    • Lorrie
      Mar 4, 2016

      Hello Tiffany, we have several females in heat and will be breeding soon, it is like a household full of females, they all seem to get synchronized and come in heat together LOL! what are you looking for in a male puppy?

  12. Shane
    Feb 16, 2016

    Hi, we are wanting to add a boxer to our fam and wanted to know what you are asking for a male boxer? We currently have a boxer in the fam! Her name is Sadie and we got her from a breeder in the mid west 9yrs ago., she is a beautiful , calm and a sweet girl.. It’s my sons baby!

    best regards
    661 755-1495

    • Lorrie
      Mar 4, 2016

      Hello Shane, we do have litters coming up, are you still looking for a puppy? What are you looking for in your Puppy? You can call me if you want 951-775-3491

  13. marisol
    Jun 14, 2016

    Hi, we are wanting to add a boxer to our fam and wanted to know what you are asking for a female boxer? Thank you

    • Lorrie
      Jun 16, 2016

      Good Morning, if you email me at Boxerlove56@gmail.com, I can answer your guestion. What are you looking for? Male? Female? Fawn? Brindle?

  14. Christy & Eric
    Jun 25, 2016

    Good morning,

    We have been thinking about adding a new family member. Our Flower passed on 2/5/16 she was 14 years old. Which left us with our three other four legged family members (2 dogs and a cat). We would like to inquire about a female puppy (when a litter is available and the price range). Not sure if we would want a brindle, fawn or white. We would be open to see which one would be the best personality fit for our family.
    Have a wonderful day,

    • Lorrie
      Jun 27, 2016

      Good morning Eric & Christy, sorry to hear about your furry friend. Sounds like she had a good life. Please email me, and I will send you up and coming litters and practices and pricing. ( boxerlove56@gmail.com )

  15. Isaiah vanZee
    Jul 7, 2016

    Can you tell me where your breeding location is?

    • Lorrie
      Sep 6, 2016

      murrieta ca

  16. David Ellisor
    Sep 5, 2016

    We have had 2 boxers and they richly added to our lives. Previously, we acquired them from Laura Miller of Artistry Boxers in Ramona. Please share what boxers you may have available now and in the future.

  17. Kimberly
    Sep 19, 2016

    We are interested in a puppy from storm and diesel for Christmas delivery ,would u please email all info on your pups

  18. Sandi
    Apr 6, 2017

    HI Lorrie,
    We lost our beautiful ,wonderful boxer last September. We are looking for another boy to live. We are interested in a fawn not sure if we want a classic or flashy boy . I’m having knee replacement in June so we should be ready for our boy in August if you could tell us what your charge for a male as we will need to save for him. We have looked at several web sights and feel you are the one we would like to get our puppy from

    • Lorrie
      Jul 2, 2017

      Hello sandy , so sorry for you loss, I am sorry if I havn’t gotten back to you , but I forget to look at the comments, and when I do, i find out ones have asked about future litters, I can respond to you, if you send me an email to boxerlove56@gmail.com or call 951-775-3491

  19. Zen
    Apr 29, 2017

    Your contact form on your site is broken. Please don’t approve the comment since I really don’t want my info out on the net. I just did not know how to reach you. Thanks! Zen

    • Lorrie
      Jul 2, 2017

      you can call me 951-775-3491

  20. Lottye
    Jun 26, 2017

    I left a comment a month or so ago and did not receive a response. Will you please email me your response.
    We are looking for a second boxer, we lost our beloved boxer back in February.
    Email stubaby01@att.net

    • Lorrie
      Jul 2, 2017

      Lottye, if you send me an email to boxerlove56@gmail.com i can let you know are up and coming litters etc. thank you

  21. Angelo
    Jul 10, 2017

    We are looking for a female puppy?
    Please respond.

  22. Jarrett
    May 2, 2018


    Will there be any more litters after may closer to the fall?
    Thank You!

    • Lorrie
      Dec 14, 2019

      Good Morning Jarrett, I am sure their will be a litter for you to choose from when you are ready for a fur baby.

  23. Katie Davis
    Dec 5, 2018

    Hi! You came highly recommended:-) by Kellie Atton. We recently had to put our family boxer (11 1/2 years old) down. Soo sad. We are ready for a new boxer puppy to love! Would you please let me know what puppies you have available!?

    Katie Davis

    Or 949-842-7437

    • Lorrie
      Dec 14, 2019

      Good morning katie, so sorry for your lose, not sure if I have talked with you yet, but if you email me I can send you out our generic email with all our info, boxerlove56@gmail.com, we just had a large litter, want to see what you are looking for

  24. Larry & Susan Kerr
    Mar 4, 2020

    Lorrie, We just lost our beloved boxer Sophie, we had her for 11 great years. Our house is not a home without boxer in it. Would like know if you might have a female boxer availably in the near future. Looked at the pictures of your dogs they are great looking dogs.
    Thank You
    Larry & Susan

  25. diana shreiber
    Apr 21, 2020

    hi, we are looking for a female boxer puppy. we have had 3 boxers the past 18 years and absolutely love the breed. We are looking for a pet not breeding.

    thank you

  26. Leah Campbell
    May 10, 2020

    Hi Lorrie,
    We are a boxer family located in Huntington Beach in search of our next companion. We lost our last boxer Titus, age 13 on Christmas two years ago after having raised two together over the years. We’ve unanimously decided it’s time for a new baby. We’re looking for an AKC puppy male or female, sealed, brindle or fawn. I’ve visited your site on several occasions keeping my eyes peeled for liters and wanted to see if you had any available presently or in the very near future. We would like to stay with a local breeder if possible. Might you have an idea where we might begin looking ? Thanks kindly, Leah

  27. Pat Bunderson
    May 18, 2020

    Where are you located? We are interested in getting a boxer puppy to keep our current boxer company and to be an important addition to our family.

    • Lorrie
      Apr 21, 2023

      Hey pat did I ever reply back to you, I am sorry if I didn’t sometimes things slips through for some reason, or if I did and we were able to find you your puppy that is great! please forgive me if I can’t remember.

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